Shipping Policy



  • DB Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd (“DB Pharma”) sells complimentary medicines to the public via its online site.
  • In South Africa the products are delivered by way door to door delivery by our service provider.
  • If you have made an order, you will have to carefully insert your delivery address and your contact details. Our courier will deliver the package within 3-4 working days if you are situated within the borders of South Africa.
  • NB – if you or someone you appoint is not at the delivery address when the product is intended to be delivered the product will be returned and you will have to follow our refund or re-order policy as set out below.
  • Delivery charges are calculated based on your location.
  • Orders placed on Fridays to Sundays will be processed on the Monday thereafter and delivery time will be estimated from the Monday and not the day on which the order was placed.
  • DB Pharma will in some instances grant you free delivery of your order if the order amount exceeds the free delivery threshold.
  • If your package is not delivered as a result of our negligence (this excludes incorrect delivery details supplied) we will send you a new order free of charge to you.



    Click here to find out how much you must spend for free delivery.


    • Because you are shopping from outside of South Africa we try to ensure that we give you the best shipping rates that we can so as to ensure quality of price and product. To find out more click here


    • Requests for returns must be logged within 5 business day of the delivery date of the order.
    • DB Pharma will only accept returns if (a) the product that was delivered does not match the product that you ordered (b) the inside contents of your order has been damaged to the extent that quality of the product could be compromised. An example hereof is if the blister pack containing the capsules or the contained containing capsules has been pierced and the actual capsule/tablet or powder has been exposed to the elements.
    • Returns will not be accepted if the outside packaging of the product has been damaged as this does not necessarily compromise quality of the actual product.
    • If you wish to return items in accordance with the above, please send us an email to with your reference number and the details of why you require a refund as well as an image or images of the product to be returned.
    • After having received this email we will arrange with our courier to collect within 5 days of the email or we may elect not to collect the goods and send you a replacement order in any event.


    • Should you require a refund for any reason such refund will carry a R50.00 administration charge, and you will be required to ship the product which was delivered to our elected address before the refund is made.
    • If the product that is returned has been damaged beyond use upon reasonable inspection we will not be liable for the refund. You will be entitled to have the goods shipped back to you at your own expense.


    • If our courier has contacted you to confirm your delivery address and you are not there to accept the delivery, the package will be returned to the courier’s warehouse.
    • In this event you may elect to again pay for the delivery of the product, or you may elect to receive a refund for the price paid for the products.
    • A R50.00 administration charge will be levied on all refunds and you will not be refunded for the delivery costs paid if by your fault the package was not delivered.
    • If you wish to dispute who was responsible for the failure of the package you may do so by sending an email to and explaining your version of events. This will be cross-checked with the version of the couriers and a decision will be made at the sole discretion of DB Pharmaceuticals.


    • If you place an order from outside of South Africa our courier partner DHL will be in charge of delivering this product to your door.
    • It is essential that you provide us with the correct and accurate delivery details as well as your contact details in the event that your delivery address in incorrect.
    • Whilst we take every step possible to ensure delivery to your door we cannot take responsibility for delivery if you have entered the incorrect delivery address.
    • You must enter an address which is easily accessible (reasonably) and which has a physical address. We cannot deliver to postboxes and or informal dwellings without an address which does not appear or any form of GPS or hosting site such as Google.
    • Delivery Rates are calculated at a standard rate in accordance with DHL listing of continent and country as well as the size and weight of your package.
    • We recommend that if you order from outside of South Africa that you order enough products to avoid costly recurring deliveries.
    • Once you have placed your order you will be contacted by DHL or one of its agents to arrange for a delivery time and date. Deliveries can take up to 7 days to be delivered.
    • If you fail to take receipt of the package the package will be returned to the courier warehouse or to the DB Pharma warehouse.
    • In the event that by your fault you have failed to receive the package at the given delivery address you will be entitled to a refund of the price for which the product was purchased. You will not be refunded for the courier price paid, and a R100.00 administration fee will be charged for making the refund to you.
    • Before refunding you will have the option to again have the product shipped to you but you will be charged for the courier rate. This amount must be paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT), and bank charges of R75.00 will be levied on top of the courier rates.
    • Please note that in the event that you will have to pay royalties or import taxes, these taxes will be for your own account.